Soft Cheeses

St. Andre                                  Organic cow’s milk, buttery, creamy                          

Belletoile Brie                      Triple cream, cow’s milk                                    

Wild Mushroom Brie               Buttery, earthy, triple cream, exotic mushrooms

Gorgonzola                              Creamed blue cheese                                           


Semi-Soft Cheeses

Dill Havarti                           Creamy cow’s milk, infused with dill & herbs            

Jalapeño Havarti                    Havarti with a light jalapeño flavor                        

Butterkase                               Silky, buttery, nutty                                         

Port Derby                                English derby cheese infused with Port wine

Red Dragon                               Soft cheddar with British ale & whole grain mustard


Semi-Firm Cheeses

Aged Asiago                              Sweet & salty with grassy notes                        

Rosemary Asiago                      Infused with Rosemary, nutty notes                           

5 Year Aged Gouda                    Flavorful, rich and creamy                               

Smoked Gouda                          Creamy Gouda finished with a smokey flavor

Chipotle Gouda                       Rich & creamy, smokey & spicy finish     

5 Year Reserve Cheddar          Sharp white cheddar, tangy, salty

Horseradish Cheddar             Aged white Cheddar, infused with tangy horseradish

Smoked Cheddar                      Beechwood smoked Wisconsin cheddar

Drunken Goat                          Tangy goat’s milk finished in red wine            

Truffled Goat                          Flecked with black truffle shavings & spices

Blueberry Goat                       Creamy goat cheese covered in sweet & tangy blueberries

Manchego                                 Unpasteurized sheep’s milk, nutty notes

Firm Cheeses

Caramella                                Rich with hints of Parmesan & caramel

Black Pepper Parmesan          Aged 24 months, black pepper crusted

Parmesan Grande Pedano        Classic, nutty notes

Truffled Pecorino                  Crumbly, earthy, truffle-infused

Charcuterie Meats

Italian Dry Salami                 Traditional hard salami with garlic & Italian herbs

Pinot Grigio Hard Salami      Dry aged salami infused with Pinot Grigio      

Sweet Soppressata                   Spiced, hard Salami infused with Burgundy wine

Hot Soppressata                       Robust pork sausage with garlic, spices, & peppercorns

Black Pepper Salami               Bold, black pepper encrusted

Capicola                                   Italian cured pork shoulder

Picante Coppa*                        Dry-aged ham rubbed with paprika, peppers, & spices

Abruzzo Picante*                     Abruzzo Old-World sausage, herbed & spiced

Pepperoni                                 Traditional Italian favorite

Chorizo*                                   Spanish spicy sausage

Serrano/Chorizo Blend          Smokey, spicy, hint of sweet

Pate                                           Truffles & chicken mousse

Prosciutto                                Italian cured pork, salty & sweet

Sweet Tavern Ham                    Sweet, Beechwood-smoked ham

Charcuterie Platter


Cheese Selections  $6         Meat Selections  $7

            All selections come with toasted baguette, honey, Dijon mustard, olives, cornichons, and assorted fruit & nuts!

**Pick as many of each as you like and let us build the platter for you!!