One Selection for $8 Two Selections for $15 Three for $21 

Four for $26, Five for $29  Six for 33

Mmmmm!! Served with French Baguette Honey and an assortment of fruit, nuts and other accoutrements

* Denotes raw/unpasteurized cheese



Saint Andre ~ France.   Soft, buttery & creamy with a mellow, earthy flavor.  Organic cow's milk.


Belletoile Brie ~ France.  Sinfully seductive triple cream brie made from cow's milk and cream.


Wild Mushroom Brie ~ France. Buttery and earthy triple cream cow's milk cheese with exotic wild mushrooms  


Roquefort ~ France.  Softer style, milder blue cheese with a wonderful creamy texture.


Gruyere~ France.   Firm, nutty, mild to medium flavor swiss style raw cow's milk cheese.


Black Wax Hoop Cheddar ~ Wisconsin. Traditional softer styling of cheddar, with a mild tang.


Barbers 2 Year Aged Cheddar ~ England.  Semi-Firm, dry and tangy white cheddar, amazing!


Blue Brie~Triple cream brie infused with a mild blue streak of pure delight!


MarBleu~Wisconsin. A blend of monterey jack and a mild bleu that takes your palete on a journey.

Horseradish infused cheddar~Aged cheddar infused with spicy tangy horseradish

Havarti with dill and herbs~Creamy Cows milk cheese loaded with super fresh dill flavor.

Jalapeno Havarti~New York. Semi-soft cheese with a buttery and fresh jalapeno flavor. Not too spicy!


3 Pepper Colby Jack ~ Wisconsin.  Wonderfully bold assorment of spicy peppers, not for the faint of heart


Bellavitano Merlot ~ Wisconsin.   Semi-firm, cheddar/parmesan-style cheese soaked in merlot.


Black Pepper Parmesan ~ Italy.  24 month aged parmesan crusted with fresh cracked black pepper.


5 year aged Gouda ~ Holland.  Hard texture, salty, creamy butterscotch flavors made from cow's milk.


Aged Asiago ~ Italy. Sweet and salty semi-hard cheese, with a pleasant grassy note. 


Rosemary Asiago ~ Italy.  Sweet and nutty asiago cheese infused with the herbaceousness of rosemary. 


Parmesan Grande Padano~Nutty witha fruity note, straight from italy as old school as it gets!


Chipotle Gouda ~ New York. Full flavor with a rich creamy, buttery flavor and a smokey, spicy finish.


Goat Gouda ~ Holland.  Semi firm, rich, creamy and lush this will be a favorite we guarantee!


Smoked Gouda ~ Holland. Creamy gouda cheese with a classic smokey flavor that sure to please. 


Drunken goat ~ Holland. Firm, goat milk cheese with a tangy, satiny smooth flavor. Washed in red wine.

Butterkase ~ Germay. Simi soft buttery, slightly nutty with a wonderful silky finish.


Manchego ~ Span. Firm unpasteurized sheep's milk with a nutty flavo


Truffled Pecorino ~ Italy. Firm, earthy and crumbly, infused with truffles its delightful !

Truffled goat~ Italy. Semi-firm flecked with black truffle shavings and coated with herbs and spices.

Charcuterie Meats

                                   Choose your own selection of 5 from our dried artisanal meats for $15

                            Served with French Baguette, Dijon Mustard, Olives and other Accouterments.



Salami Toscana ~ Italy. Aged salami infused with red wine and spices


Italian Dry Salami~New York. Traditional hard salami with garlic and italian herb notes.


Truffle infused salami~New york,~infused with black truffle flakes and savory spices.


Burgundy Soppressata Picante ~ France.  Burgundy wine infused hard salami.


Picate Coppa ~ Spain.  Ham rubbed with paprika, peppers and spices then dry aged


Pinot Grigio Hard Salami ~ Italy.   A classic Pinot Grigio infused dry aged salami


Pepperoni ~ Italy.  You know it, you love it. 

Braunschweiger Liverwurst ~ Austria. Delicious deli staple, sliced thick. A childhood favorite, must try!


Black Pepper Crusted Salami~Big, bold and peppery. This salami has some intense, in your face, flavor!

Abruzzo Picante ~ Italy. Old world sausage from Abruzzo with traditional Italian herbs and spices

Sweet Tavern Ham~New York. Naturally beachwood smoked for a full rich flavor

Serrano Jamon~Spain. 1 year dry aged pork, same cut as prosciutto but with robust spanish flavors.

Salciccia Secca~Italy~ Smokey paprika with a hint of sweet and spicy with a touch of red wine.

Chorizo ~ Spain. Smokey, savory, spicy Spanish sausage .

Du Boeuf Saucission~France~ Smokey Beef salami  packed with garlic and spices and white pepper.

Spicy Garlic Habenero Single Muscle Ham~ NYC~Engulfed in Flavor and heat this one is fiery ! 

Charcuterie & Cheese Platter


Two cheeses and Two meats for $21

Three cheeses and Three meats $30

Four cheeses and Four meats $38

The Ultimate! Six cheeses and Six meats $54